Friday, January 21, 2011

What to do when you are unhappy with your life?

Whether it's your job, your relationship, your life, or only just your head (or rather what's going on in there) there may be a time when you feel unhappy with it.
What to do when wake up one day and feel unhappy with your life?

The easy answer is to find out what's wrong with your life and change it.
But what if you don't know what's wrong with your life? How to figure out why you are unhappy?

1. Sleep on it.
Sleep not only boosts learning abilities of our brain by improving our memory, but also helps us to make connections between seemingly unrelated bits of knowledge we have and be able to see 'the bigger picture'.
This must have been known to our ancestors, since mane cultures and languages have their own proverbs suggesting that The morning is wiser than the evening. Many things, monsters living under the bed included, don't look as bad or scary in the morning light. It's the change of perspective.

2. Go for a walk.
Exercise releases endorphins - the hormones of happiness. Exercise also improves thinking processes, particularly those related to decision-making. Many people claim that the rhythm forced by regular breathing and the movements of their body puts their mind into a 'special mode' and enables them to think 'outside the box'.
Any exercise will do, walking is just the easiest one to take.

3. Talk to a trusted friend.
It does not need to be a long confession session, or a quest for answers to your problem. A good, honest chat with someone who knows you well and really care about your happiness (or unhappiness) may help you to reflect on your life. Remember - a problem shared is a problem halved.

4. Talk to a stranger.
Have you ever talked to a stranger on a train or in a waiting lounge of an airport? I couldn't understand why people would chose to share their biggest fears or deepest secrets with complete strangers, until one night in a chatroom. I was very unhappy after a failed relationship and I spoke about it with someone I never met before and never after. This person provided me with an interesting perspectiveon relationships and asked a question I'd never asked myself before. The answer to this question was the key to my unhappiness.
Many people find talking to a stranger easier: you will never meet again, so it's easier to be open and honest. People who don't know you are also more likely to tell you what they really think, while friends or family may be more cautious and chose not to hurt your feelings.

5. Talk to a professional.
Your doctor - particularly if you suspect you may be depressed; or another trusted health care professional.
You may also want to talk to a counsellor - a professional who is trained to listen without judgement, help you to see thing more clearly, provide you with a different perspective, or help you explore your thoughts and feeling. The point of counselling is better understanding of yourself, personal growth and development.

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